Saturday, 15 July 2017

Mark Oh Polo!

You might be familiar with Polo.  A bizarre game where a bunch of posh folks ride around on horses. These Polo Pony prancers hit a wooden or white plastic ball with some kinda' weird mallet.  Apparently, you're supposed to hit said ball with said mallet into, ideally, the opposition's goal. What the Chukka, I say.  I've read that a Chukka is a period of play in Polo. 
You might be familiar with Water Polo.  A bizarre game where a bunch of wet folks try to throw a ball into a goal.  The players chase around a rubber or a nylon ball.  The balls get bigger in size as you get older.  The balls start at size one all the way up to size five for adult men who like to play with the biggest balls while frolicking in the water. 
What you might not realise is that in Water Polo the players are riding around on Seahorses. 

Oh no
What the Chukka
Who gives a Fukka
Water Polo
Big balls, hello!
Riding on a Seahorse
Underwater intercourse
Polo is a car
Not a car by Jaguar
Polo is a mint
Strong enough to make you squint
Polo is a shirt
Goes rather well with my skirt
Polo is an aftershave
Splash some on before I rave. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Musical "Cymbalism".

I've never been in a LOVER'S triangle.

However, finally, at long last, I've become a SEX cymbal.
That calls for a drum roll.